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 A + B + C + D 

ADLER, Gunter Douches Dames AGF Source Voice AIR Love 2 ALEPH-1 Aleph-1 ALIEN RADIO Untitled ALVA NOTO For 2 + Revep + Summvs Unitxt + Utp_ + Xerrox Vol. 1 + Xerrox Vol. 2 ANTONY Antony | Fennesz : Returnal AMBARCHI, OrenAudience Of OneLive At Corsica Studios + Tima Formosa AMIINA The Lighthouse Project AMOR DE DÍAS Street Of The Love Of Days ANIMAL COLLECTIVE People APENINO Toca el pito ARCHASTERWould You Like Some Tea? ARCTIC FLOW, The As Close To A Kiss As We Will Ever Be ASHLAR St James’ Gardens ASPIDISTRAFLY A Little Fable ATKINSON, Félicia Visions / Voices ATLAS SOUND Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel ATRIO SERENADE Devoción indómita AUTECHRE Autechre Remix Of Spangle By Seefeel + Oversteps AUTISTIC DAUGHTERS Uneasy Flowers BAIRD, Meg Dear Companion + Seasons On Earth BAKKER, Anne Griis + Mort Aux Vaches + Reminiscences BASINSKI, William 92982 + Aurora Liminalis + Nocturnes +  Shortwavemusic + Untitled 1-3 BAW Diluvial B/B/S/ Brick Mask BEDNARDCZYK, Tomasz Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow + Painting Sky Together BEHRENS, Marc Queendom Maybe Rise BEING  The Folkestone Lighthouse EP Quiet Rain BELLOWS Reelin’ BERG, MollyBetween You And The Shapes You Take BERNIER, Nicolas frequencies (a / fragments) BETWEEN Between BIOSPHERE N–Plants BISSONETTE, Christopher In Between Words BJÖRK Cocoon + Hidden Place + Mount Wittenberg Orca + Pagan Poetry + Vespertine BOATS, The Ballads Of The Research Department + Our Small Ideas BOBBY BABY A Little Big BONNETA, Joshua American Colour BONNIE “PRINCE” BILLY Silent City BORDEN, David Frkwys Vol. 07 BLUMM, F.S. A Little Big + Back To The Plants (Music For “Drawings”) + Lichten + Music For Lovers, Music Versus Time + Music For Wobbling Music Versus Gravity BRAMBLES Charcoal BRAVE TIMBERS For Everyday You Lost + Woodwork BRETSCHNEIDER, Frank Kippschwingungen  BRODERICK, Peter Mort Aux Vaches + Old Time BYETONE Death Of A Typographer + Plastic Star BVDUB Tribes At The Temple Of Silence + The Truth Hurts CAMERA OBSCURA My Maudlin Career CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE Answering Machine Music + Casiotone For The Painfully Alone + Pocket Symphonies For Lonesome Subway Cars Music CATLIN, Tim Patina CELER Celer / Machinefabriek + Greetings From Celer & Machinefabriek + Hei / Sou + Numa / PenarieTightrope + Zigzag CHARTIER, Richard A Field For Mixing + Aurora LiminalisBuilt Through + Current + Silver + Specification.Fifteen + Transparency (Performance) + Undefined + Untitled 1-3 CHAUVEAU, Sylvian Abstractions + PalimpsestSingular Forms (Sometimes Repeated) CLOUDLAND CANYON Lie In Light CONNORS, Loren My Brooklyn + Red Mars + The Hymn Of The North Star + Two Nice Catholic Boys CORTEZ, Scott Twin Radiant Flux CROUCH, Robert Fata Morgana CURVENGEN, Robert Built Through CYCLO. id DAR FUL FUL El artista adolescente DAVIDSON, Marcus Cross–Pollination + Spliced DAVIS, Gareth Gramercy + Grower DEAF CENTER Recount DEPATTERNING The Huddled Tone (Reissue) + The Woodlander’s Index EP DEUPREE, Taylor Faint + Hourglass + In A Place Of Such Graceful Shapes + Journal + Northern + Landing + Listening Garden + Live1: Mapping + Live In Melbourne + Lost & Compiled + Shoals + Shoals (Edition) + Specification.Fifteen + May + The Sleeping Morning + Weather And Worn + Wood, Winter, Hollow DICKSON, Gareth Collected Recordings DICTAPHONE Poems From A Rooftop DIRTY PROJECTORS Mount Wittenberg Orca DOLLBOY Ghost Stations / Geisterbahnhöfe DRUMM, Kevin Imperial Distortion + Imperial Horizon DUI, Isnaj Explorer’s Club: 10. New York – Montreal

 E + F + G + H 

ELEH Location Momentum EN Already Gone ENGLISH, Lawrence A Colour For Autumn + A Path Less Travelled + Kiri No Oto + Incongruous Harmonies + Studies For Stradbroke ENSEMBLE MODERN Utp_ ESPERS III EVADE Destroy & Dream EX–EASTER ISLAND HEAD Mallet Guitars Three FAHEY, John Morning / Evening, Not Night + Red Cross Disciple Of Christ Today FELL, Mark Periodic Orbit Of Dynamic System Related To A Knot FENNESZ Antony | Fennesz : Returnal + Black Sea + Cendre + Flumina + In The Fishtank 15 + Sala Santa Cecilia + Seven Stars FENN O’BERG In Hell + In Stereo FERRARO, James Frkwys Vol. 07 FESCAL The Descending Light EP FISCHER, Marcus Collected Dust + In A Place Of Such Graceful Shapes FOURCOLOR As Pleat FRAHM, Nils 7fingers + Explorer’s Club: 7. Belfast – Reykjavik + Felt + Juno + Mort Aux Vaches + Music Versus Lovers, Music Versus Time + Music For Wobbling Music Versus Gravity FRIEDL, Heribert Tra[K]_t FUJITA, Masayoshi Stories FULLERTON WHITMAN, Keith Untitled GENSSEN, Geir Cho Oyu 8201m – Field Recordings From Tibet GENTLEMEN LOSERS Dustland GEORGESON, Noah Find Shelter GESCOM A1 D1 GILBERT, Bruce Diluvial GINNS, Richard In Float GO FIND, The Brand New Love GREEN KINGDOM, The Expanses + Incidental Music GRIMM, Joe Brain Cloud GROUPER A I A : Alien Observer + A I A : Dream Loss GRUBBS, David An Optimist Notes The Dusk + Back To The Plants (Music For “Drawings”) + Hybrid Song Box 4 GUÐNADÓTTIR, Hildur Leyfðu Ljósinu HAGWOOD, Ian The Truth Hurts HAINES, Greg Until The Point Of Hushed Support HAINO, Keiji Tima Formosa HAKOBUNE It Is, It Isn’t HALO, Laurel Frkwys Vol. 07 HANGING UP THE MOON The Biggest Lie In The World HAPTIC The Medium HARNETYM Brian Silent City HARDWICK, Gareth Gareth Hardwick / P Jørgensen HARRIS, Sanja Machine Rooms HATAKEYAMA, Chihei A Long Journey + Alone By The Sea + It Is, It Isn’t HATAMI, Porya Shallow + The Waning Branches EP HAUSCHKA Explorer’s Club: 7. Belfast – Reykjavik + Youyoume HECKER, Tim Norberg +  Ravedeath, 1972 HORVITZ, Seth Eight Studies For Automatic Piano

 I + J + K + L 

IELASI, Giuseppe Aix + Untitled, 2011 IGUM, Søren Explorer’s Club: 10. New York – Montreal IKEDA, Ryioji Test Patterns IKIN, Kane Contrail + Strangers  + Sublunar ILLUHA AkariIntersticesShizuku IMPRINTS Data Trails INSA DONJA KAI Insomnie Joyeuse IRON AND WINE Around The Well + Kiss Each Other Clean + Walking Far From Home ISAN Eastside JECK, Philip Spliced JOBIN, France The Illusion Of infinitesimal + Sans repères + Valence JOHANNSSON, Johann Explorer’s Club: 7. Belfast – Reykjavik JOHN YOKO Papa Was A Rodeo JOHNSON, Moogie Explorer’s Club: 10. New York – Montreal JØRGENSEN, P Gareth Hardwick / P Jørgensen JULES, Marsen Beautyfear + The Endless Change Of Colour JUNIOR BOYS Begone Dull Care KABOOM KARAVAN Hokus Fokus + Short Walk With Olaf KALISKI, Szymon From Scattered Accidents KLEEFSTRA, Jan Griis + Mort Aux VachesKLEEFSTRA, Romke Griis + Mort Aux Vaches KLIMA Explorer’s Club: 10. New York – Montreal + Serenades & Serinettes KÖNER, Thomas Novaya Zemlya KTL V LALI PUNA Our Inventions + Remember LE LOUP Family LOOPS OF YOUR HEART And Never Ending Nights LOSCIL City Hospital (Jackdaw Edition) + Endless Falls + Strathcona Variations LOPATIN, Daniel Frkwys Vol. 07 LOVESLIESCRUSHING Chorus + 3 + CRWTH (Chorus Redux) LOW Drums And Guns LUGOVSKOY, Yuri Yuri Lugovskoy LÜÜP The Redemption Bells EP KANGDING RAY Automne Fold KIRSCHNER, Kenneth May KLIMEK Movies Is Magic

 M + N + Ñ + O 

MACHIDA, Yoshio Music From The SYNTHI MACHINEFABRIEK 15/15 + Bad Fortune + Colour Tones + ElastiekGreetings From Celer & MachinefabriekGrower + Halfslaap / Stiltetonen Hei / SouMaastunnel / Mt. Mitake + Machine Rooms + Mort Aux Vaches + Numa / Penarie + Ontrafelde Tonen + Patina + Sol Sketches + Sol Sketches Supplement +  Stroomtoon IIStroomtoon Vervolg MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO. Josephine MARTIN, Aaron Worried About The Fire MATHIEU, Stephan A Static Place + Coda (For WK)PalimpsestRadioland (Panorámica) + Remain + To Describe George Washington Bridge + Un cœur simpleWandermüde MINAMO A Path Less Travelled MIKALEF, Caro Radioland (Panorámica) MOHANNA, Nickolas Parallax View MOON ATE THE DARK Moon Ate The Dark MORGENSTERN, Barbara Sweet Silence MOSKITOO Mitosis MÜLLER, Anne 7fingers MÚM Please Smile My Nose Bleed + Smilewound MURRALIN LANE Our House Is On The Wall NADLER, Marissa Marissa Nadler NÄSTESJÖ, Jonatan Below NAKAMURA, Haruka Twilight NEWLYN, David Waiting Rooms NEWSOM, Joanna Joanna Newsom & The Ys Street Band E.P. + Have One On Me NHK Split NIBLOCK, Phill Touch Food NICE, Andy Explorer’s Club: 10. New York – Montreal NILSEN, BJ Eye Of The Microphone + The Invisible City NISHIMOTO, Takeshi Lavandula NORBURY, Danny Light In August NOVAK, Yann Blue Hour + Fata Morgana + Snowfall Undefined NOVI_SAD Dramazon OFFTHESKY The Lowern Decay EP + The Season Of Lost Buttons O’HALLORAN, Dustin Lumiere OLIVERAY Wonders ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER Antony | Fennesz : Returnal + Replica O’ROURKE, Jim Old News #5 + Old News #6 + The Visitor + Tima Formosa + Two Nice Catholic Boys ORSI, Fabio Procrastination OVAL 94diskont.

 P + Q + R + S 

PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART, The Higher Than The Stars PAN•AMERICAN Cloud Room, Glass Room PASCAL PINON Twosomeness  PERLETTA, Fabio Field: Atom(s) Entropy +Interstitial Spaces PERIER, Laurent Plateforme #1 PIANO MAGIC Panic Amigo: Piano Magic RemixedThere’s No Need For Us To Be Alone PEEL, Hannah The Broken Wave PILL–OH Vanisshing Mirror PIMMON Procrastination PINKCOURTESYPHONE  A Ravishment Of Mirror + Elegant & Detached + Foley Folly Folio + Please Pick Up PIOTR, Derek Raj PJUSK Drowning In The Sky PLEQ The Redemption Bells EP POMASSL Spare Parts PLINTH Flotsam + Music For Smalls Lighthouse RADERE The Season Of Lost Buttons RADIAN Chimeric RADIO DEPT. Clinging To A Scheme + David + Heaven’s On Fire RAUELSSON Vora RÊVE Ventre univers RIONホタル RISIL Non Meters Volume One ROMANELLI Emiliano 333 Loops (Volume 1) ROSENFELD, Marina P.A. / Hard Love SAGOR & SWING Botvid Grenlunds Park SAKAMOTO, Ryuichi Cendre + Flumina + Ocean Fire + Revep + Sala Santa Cecilia + Summvs + Utp_ + World Citizen SANSO-XTRO Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain SCHAEFER, JanekLay-by Lullabye SCHNEIDER, Stefan Explorer’s Club: 7. Belfast – Reykjavik SCOTT, Simon Below Sea Level + Depart, Repeat + Bunny SEAWORTHY 1897 + Live In Melbourne + Wood, Winter, Hollow SEEFEEL Autechre Remix Of Spangle By Seefeel SEELAND Tomorrow Today SHIVERS Shivers SHOGUN NoaNoa SKODVIN, Erik K Flame + Harmony From The Past SLEEP ORCHESTRA Drowning In The Sky SMALL COLLOR Hikari No Hana + In Light SND Split SOLO ANDATA Live In Melbourne + Look For Me Here + Solo Andata SONICBRAT Stranger To My Room SPARKLEHORSE In The Fishtank 15 SONGS: OHIA Ghost Tropic SOY UN CABALLO Robin STANGL, BurkhardUnfinished. For William Turner, Painter. SUNDAE Sundae SVARTE GREINER Black Tie SYLVIAN, David Wandermüde + World Citizen SZCZEPANIK, Nicholas Not Knowing

 T + U + V + W 

TAKEN BY TREES East Of Eden TAPE Fugue + Luminarium + Revelationes TEAGUE, Ryan Causeway THIELEMANS, Eric Sprang TIME IS A MOUNTAIN Time Is A Mountain TINY FIREFLIES Change TO ROCOCO ROT Speculation TORAL, Rafael Violence Of Discovery And Calm Of Acceptance TORTOISE Beacons Of Ancestorship TOTLAND, Otto A Harmony From The Past + Pinô TUJIKO GYU TUNNG Robin TURMAN, Robert Flux TYME GYU UITTI, Frances–Marie Gramercy UNITED BIBLE STUDIES The Jonah VAINIO, Mika Life (… It Eats You Up) VALET Naked Acid VARIOS 15 Shades Of White + Aquarius + FOUNDLAND + Music And Migration + Tasogare: Live In Tokyo + Teaism: Music Inspired By The Art And Culture Of Tea + Touch. 30 Years And Counting VENROOY, Esther Vessel VITIELLO, Stephen Between You And The Shapes You Take VOIGT, Wofgang 20 Minuten Gas Im November / 20′ To 2000.November + Gas Rückverzauberung 6 WATSON, Chris Cross–Pollination + In St Cuthbert’s Time. The Sounds Of Lindisfarne And The Gospels + El tren fantasma WELLS, Bill Fugue WENNGREN, David Below Strangers WHETHAM, Simon Never So Alone WILD HONEY Diamond Mountain WINDY & CARL We Will Always Be WITZHUM, Emmanuel Strings WILLITS, Christopher Listening Garden + Ocean Fire + Plants And Hearts WINDEREN, Jana Heated: Live In Japan WOODEN BIRDS Magnolia YELLOW SWANS Going Places YSATIS, Savvas Hourglass + The Sleeping Morning

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